Leet Hospitality

Our Story

What is hospitality and what does it look like?

At Leet Hospitality we believe it’s treating strangers and friends alike, going above and beyond to prioritize their requests while providing a tailored experience for our guests.

As avid travelers for business and leisure, we experienced firsthand the challenges faced in finding trustworthy hosts and personalized rentals. It became evident that booking platforms lacked reliable hosts and the traditional hotels couldn’t provide the level of space, comfort, and privacy we needed. This realization inspired us to make it our mission to bridge these gaps in the current practice of hospitality.

Founded and based in Houston, Texas, Leet Hospitality’s top priority is knowing that our guests are well-taken care of at their home away from home. We understand that a great rental experience is essential for an enjoyable stay. That is why our properties are thoughtfully designed to be livable and functional for a wide range of needs.

At core, our company seeks to change the common flaws of hospitality today, which revolve around quick profits and mishandling of properties. Our goals are to focus on customer care and provide a quality rental experience that exceeds expectations and leaves lasting impressions.

Whether you are a business traveler looking for extended stays or a short-term guest, we will make sure you have access to reliable customer service and bonus amenities such as grocery credits.

Explore the Our Features page for more information on how we can enhance your stay.

Want to experience our hospitality?

Whether you are visiting Houston for leisure or business, we would love to show you our definition of hospitality and what we think an exceptional rental experience should be. 

We can’t wait to hear from you soon!