Partnership Benefits

Leet Hospitality can potentially create consistent cash flow by signing multi-year leases as a sole tenant to ensure our partnership is maintained as we minimize headaches for you, the landlord.

  • Eliminate vacancies and help offset lower occupancy rates you may be experiencing.

  • Help you save by eliminating frequent turnover costs, paying leasing commissions, plus ongoing maintenance and minimizing property damage with reliable tenants screened and placed by us.

  • Increase property valuation and NOI; as a way to diversify your risk while increasing your revenue and building value.

  • Attract long-term residents, by us being an additional marketing resource for you and your property. Potentially signing visiting future Houstonians we serve to. 

Contact us to set up a meeting or call to perform an analysis of your property’s potential and see how we can best service your needs. 

Partnership Form